Saturday, February 16, 2008

lowest price short term medical insurance

An insurance company would not be expected to have the lowest priced policy in one type of medical insurance and also have a reputation for the highest quality most comprehensive coverage in another medical in another type of medical insurance. Lowest price and highest quality normally do not go together in combination for any type of product. But that is what a growing number of online shoppers are finding at Celtic Insurance ( Celtic Insurance has long been considered the highest quality coverage for long term individual and family coverage, especially for high deductible plans like Health Savings Accounts (HSA). But now the company is growing in popularity due primarily to price. The short term coverage does not have the same reputation for best quality of coverage but for short term medical coverage price is more often a buyer’s primary consideration.

Rates for a specific type of coverage are based on three factors: age, sex, and location. Of course rates are also affected by the coverage selected including policy deductible and level of co-payment. There is no assurance that rates for short term medical insurance are set in the same pattern as long term renewable coverage. As a result, it is possible that Celtic could be the lowest priced coverage for one person and not another.

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