Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Americans are Uncommitted on Uninversal Coverage

A recent poll conducted by National Public Radio, Kaiser Family Foundation and Harvard School of Public Health found that Americans are divided as to whether we should require the 1 in 6 uninsured Americans to buy health insurance. The results of the poll were reported in “Morning Edition” 2/29/08.

While 93 percent of those polled said the issue of uninsured is “serious”, there is less agreement on the approach to take to tackle the problem. About half of Americans support the idea of using government subsidies to get coverage for the uninsured.

Opponents say the proposal is similar to attempting to solve the issue of homelessness by requiring everyone to buy a house.

Bottom line is that while we like the fuzzy warm concept of “universal health coverage”, over 30 million Americans without health insurance coverage are unwilling to spend even $100 per month of their own money to buy basic health insurance even when offered to them and less than half of us think that the government should help with that cost.

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