Sunday, March 23, 2008

health insurance help for college students

An article in the 3/23/08 Pittsburgh Post Gazette says that some students at one Pennsylvania community college are staying in school just for the health insurance and not really pursuing an education. Since Pennsylvania has most affordable health insurance options than almost any other state, wouldn’t it make sense for the school to promote the use of free services like OnlineAdviser at that specializes in matching people up with the best health low cost insurance plan?

Student health insurance costs from $600 a year for a healthy student on a popular short term plan like American Health Shield to about $3,000 per year for a person on a group plan. There are cost-subsidized plans for low income applicant that cost even less. Most healthy Pennsylvania college students simply enroll in least expensive major medical plan they can find like those listed at on a semester-to-semester basis but there are a wider range of choices for students with special insurance needs. But even in the worst case, that’s more than the cost of tuition for a student who isn’t really interested in the course of study.

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