Friday, March 21, 2008

Utah health insurance reform supports these health care reform bills that were signed by the Utah’s governor this week:
* HB47 authorizes the Utah Department of Health to adopt standards for the electronic exchange of medical records.
* HB326 allocates almost $5 million over two years to ensure Utah's Children Health Insurance Program (CHIP) will cover all eligible children who apply. In the past, kids have been turned away because of lack of money.
* HB364 requires state departments of Education, Health and Workforce Services to promote enrollment in CHIP, Medicaid and another state program that subsidizes private insurance.
* HB301 requires the insurance industry to cover more people who were previously considered uninsurable.

The currently available and affordable short term medical insurance plans will continue to be available, as well as expended eligibility for the more expensive universal health insurance plans.

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