Monday, March 3, 2008

presidential candidates' updated position on health care

The Nation Review does a great job summing up the three candidate positions on health care reform at

Clearly McCain's position is do-able and would help. But is it enough?

Clinton's position is politically unrealistic and there is no reason to beleive that her results would be different than when she tried under Bill's presidency. Where are the indications that she learned from that failed attempt?

Obama does not seem to have a real grasp of the economic issues here. We have to conclude it is just political rhetoric. Even his own support groups are concluding that if he becomes president, health care reform :just won't happen". See discussion of the New York Times article from February 4 at a university-based newspaper at

Meanwhile, commercial health insurance enroller is launching a publicity campaign to promote the fact that universal health insurance is here now, available and affordable to most Americans. Plans like those at could solve many problems if they were simply prromoted more efficiently. Yet we have no public or private economic incentives to promote low cost limited benefit solutions. We simply need to get the politicians out of the way to acheive widespead coverage. We know that 100% coverage is not doable under any real life circumstances but we also know that big improvements can be made without big cost or major political action.

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